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  • But then she’d cannonballed like a kid into the pool, danced with him in the rain, and walked out of the bathroom dripping wet from the storm in nothing but a towel, looking like a gorgeous nymph, and he’d lost his will.
  • Damn, she was gorgeous.
  • He loved her, but not enough to keep his dick in his pants when that gorgeous model with the backstage pass propped her ass on a utility case and spread her runway long legs.
  • It was soulfully gorgeous.
  • To Stephen Youll for his gorgeous covers.
  • It could very well be from ogling the gorgeous guy with the heather-gray, sweat-drenched T-shirt and stonewashed jeans that fit him way too well as he bent over the engine of his beat-up Pontiac Bonneville rather than the triple-digit dry heat baking the asphalt and everything alive outside Rob’s Diner, where Joy had stopped for a cheeseburger and fries.
  • Thanks to Jack, the damn bastard, Dylan had found the most gorgeous focal point on Route 66.
  • “Smile, gorgeous.
  • He looks down into the face of the woman running her palms up his chest and all he can think is gorgeous.
  • They were the most gorgeous hazel she’d ever seen.

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