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  • If you had a lookup table like this$1=:authority: $2=:method: $3=:path: $4=:scheme:you could encode this text like this:$1 www.
  • For HPACK, this table is defined in the specification, so both client and server know the values to use to encode and decode header names and values.
  • To encode the second cookie header, Chrome uses the static table reference at index 32, and Firefox uses the cookie header it added to the dynamic table (at an index position greater than 62).
  • Using these codes as examples, if you wanted to encode the word face, you could use regular ASCII (4 x 7 bits = 28 bits) or Huffman coding (5 + 4 + 5 + 3 = 17 bits).
  • org/html/draft-ietf-httpbis-cache-digestThe contents of the cache can be large, so rather than sending full URLs and etags, the proposal is for the client to encode them in a cuckoo filter–based digest.
  • There are multiple ways to send HTTP headers in HPACK, and browsers may encode HTTP headers differently.
  • It would be equally correct to encode this :method: DELETE header to index 3 and the encoded value of DELETE instead of index 2.
  • Although Huffman encoding is complicated for people to handle, it’s easy to implement in code and efficient for computers to encode and decode.
  • This example shows you that clients may not encode in the way you always expect!
  • If you decide to encode delete by using ASCII, for example, you can jump straight to hex (because each ASCII code is 1 octet long):LetterDELETEASCII hex code 44 45 4C 45 54 45You can see that the ASCII coding version is also of length 6, and with the Huffman encoding flag set to 0, you precede the header with 06 and get 06 44 45 4C 45 54 45 as the fully encoded header.
  • representationTo encode :method: GET, for example, use index 2 (binary 10, or 000 0010 when padded out with leading zeros).

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