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  • His legs hit the ground first, and he tried to drop into a roll to displace the force of their fall, but with the thief in his arms, he ended up flopping hard onto the dirt street in front of the brothel.
  • Denizens of Falvar were opening windows, peeking out, or stepping out into the rain to look up and down the street with the same confused looks on their faces as Rew and his friends.
  • On the upper floor of the building there were four rooms looking toward the street and four rooms looking into the patio.
  • Males and females, children darting amongst them, gawked at Nesta as she exited onto the street.
  • This corridor could be shut off from the street by a very heavy door, which was kept open day and night.
  • Almost ten years ago, shortly after I arrived in Eastwatch, we had one of those red-bearded sloths walk right down the street.
  • As they neared the open doors, the purple velvet curtains on the far side were whisked back, revealing an even more opulent chamber, as long as a high street.
  • She’d meet up with her friend Taryn, whose parents had a cabin down the street from the hosts of the graduation party.
  • From the new boulevard of the Grand Parade, the architect’s ruthless demolitions devoured the capital street by street to the northeast and southwest, while new roads straight as wheel spokes radiated from the plazas at the either end of the Parade.
  • A long dray wagon, very much like the one that had driven Lavinia out of the Lemio Clothing and Shoddy Company, came down the street.
  • Her best friend, Taryn, had a cabin down the street.

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