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  • A giant’s spear slashed the sand yards from where he ran, cutting up a furrow and skidding across the arena floor.
  • All the while the serrations and fluting of the sword sang with a shrieking voice that echoed around the arena.
  • But once they set foot into the arena of battle, they became as bloodthirsty as Amren.
  • For the first time since Rel had been dragged into the arena earlier in the evening, the crowd was not acting in concert.
  • The spell broke, Rel slammed into the arena sand.
  • The stone door at the end of the arena ground open, and from the subterranean space revealed were brought forth a number of strange machines.
  • “Alas, my powers in the arena of protection were always few.
  • His voice roared around the arena.
  • And there was plenty to talk about in that arena.
  • The modalman called a warrior from the arena floor’s edge.

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