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  • “I grew up on tales of knights fighting giant drakes, and I’m told my father’s grandfather slayed one of the monsters.
  • Once a gate was shut, during the wars of years passed, they would bring crude ladders if they were prepared and giant trunks of trees if they were not.
  • Raif, who had spent hours each day at arms practice, was finding that traveling in armor with a giant sword strapped to his back was an entirely different proposition.
  • Out of the shelter of his giant friend’s body, he wrapped his scarves about his face tightly against the gathering storm.
  • The Heart of Mists, the giant opal Josan had entrusted him with, would bring him only more trouble, so he buried it several yards back from the edge of the cliffs.
  • The giant hooted wordlessly again, loud as organ pipes, and close enough so that Rel could hear the whistle of air in its throat.
  • They’d crouched, holding their breath, as the giant animal passed without noticing them.
  • Sam climbed over the shrubs in the wild undergrowth that had grown undisturbed for thousands of years and the fallen trunks of giant trees, until he thought he could smell water.
  • Rew dodged to the side, and the two massive imps followed him, swiping at him with their giant hands.
  • A light breeze could not overcome the hard, animal stink of the cage, made worse by the reek of the giant beast hauling the wagon.
  • Close to where their own settled on the earth two giant men of glass stood as still as statues.

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