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  • The weight of so many choices pressing heavy on his broad shoulders, drooping his wings.
  • His broad shoulders tapered to a lean waist and muscled thighs.
  • ”“Farside is broad there,” Rafozo nodded, and lowered his voice.
  • The broad dark line of the High Spine at the northern horizon grew a little taller with every mile.
  • Rew studied her glassy eyes and broad grin, wondering if he should stop her from drinking so much, but she was a woman near grown, and it wasn’t like there was much trouble she could find herself in stuck in a mining encampment on the outskirts of the kingdom.
  • ”Nesta licked across his broad head, tongue sliding into the small slit across its tip.
  • Large, six-legged dracon-cattle cropped the grass with horned lips, their massive heads backed with frills crowned with broad racks of spines.
  • ’Sivan’s smile was broad and mischievous and with a touch of malevolence.
  • An attack in broad daylight, though, and they’ve already killed two guards… They’re not going in to pilfer a handful of silver candlesticks.
  • Pure white feathers rose behind her now, almost as tall and as broad as her outstretched arms.
  • Ahead of him was the long, broad avenue which led directly to the northern gate.

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