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  • She kisses him to show him what she wants.
  • She would even say that he kissed better than he could sing, and if she wasn’t careful, she could drown in his kisses.
  • ” He grins goofily and kisses her soundly on the mouth.
  • She squeezes the dime, kisses her fist, and whispers her last hate.
  • ” She kisses him.
  • ”He kisses her.
  • ”He groans low in his throat, then kisses her deeply.
  • When Dan is certain his lines have been re-established to his satisfaction he leans over the table and kisses Liam, until Liam responds, opening his mouth, giving up his tongue to the moment.
  • He wraps his arms around her waist, drawing her flush against him, and kisses her.
  • He kisses her ear, her jaw, the side of her neck.
  • He twists his neck and kisses the other woman.

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