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  • I thought it was just, I don’t know, some chamber they could keep an enchanted artifact from detection, a place they’d store the staff until they sold it.
  • But this chamber …” He surveyed the space beyond her.
  • Water from the a leak plinking into a chamber pot at the side of the landing was the loudest sound of all.
  • Drinks were brought to the members too occupied in conversation with their fellows to leave the chamber.
  • Over his shoulder, he suggested, “Ralcrist, perhaps some guards outside of your chamber?
  • He turned to go, thought better of it, and scooted the chamber pot close to the bed where it would be obvious if she got sick in the middle of the night.
  • The entire round chamber was full of them.
  • ” Nesta peered into the vast, empty chamber.
  • It took the form of a Bridge Baby, a newborn suspended in a transparent chamber filled with amber fluid, who could connect the world of the living and the dead, but it had been artificially developed.
  • He spoke of going to the chamber after meeting Fein, so it must be in Spinesend.
  • They brought her food and water and a fresh chamber pot.

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