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  • There was never a day without its own peculiar adventure.
  • About as exciting as I’m willing to get these days, but it shall be an adventure.
  • ”Trudi Canavan, author of the Black Magician trilogy“The King’s Bastard is a fabulous, rollicking, High Fantasy adventure that will keep you up at night, desperate to find out what happens next.
  • Even if he wanted to, he couldn’t go jaunting off on some adventure to help the young nobles.
  • Her little adventure would have to be one more secret she kept to herself.
  • He removed a rope from his pack, grateful Jon had bought the length in the market following the last climbing adventure.
  • They want adventure.
  • But the slight doubt of Curtin had raised the apparently plain story to that of high adventure.
  • If once in a while a nugget were found, or now and then a few grains the size of wheat grains, so that they had something new to talk about, then they might have felt afresh that glamour of adventure which had led them out here.
  • ” He had been interrupted in his thoughts of how he would use the money he had earned to live a quiet life in a small town, sitting on the porch smoking and reading the papers, the comic strips, and bunk adventure stories, concerned about his health and about his meals, and going to bed early, with funds to get well soaked at least once a month.
  • All for a small taste of adventure.

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