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  • Only his smile remained in the void as he disappeared.
  • He looked out at the void of air before him, as if he were an old man on a bench in the street, spending his last days watching the world go by.
  • “The One desired to fill the void.
  • But again the void grew.
  • His struggle with the void absorbed him.
  • The void never spoke, and never showed any sign of thought, but it became a thing in the One’s mind of cold will that desired to grow forever, and swamp what little the One had made in unending chill.
  • But Cassian paused before a landscape painting of a towering, barren mountain, void of life yet somehow thrumming with presence.
  • Though there are many themes and many plots, there is only one story, the tale of the One and the void.
  • He worked and he worked and the void continued to grow.
  • Such a difference this setting made, that for a time again he was delighted, and he forgot his worry at the growing of the void.
  • From underneath it was simply a black void in the sky; now, from above, with the sinking sun lighting its clouds, it became a sea of colours stretched out before him, swirls of purple and violet streaked with white and wisps of orange fire like frozen flames, flickering with inner lightning.

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