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  • ” Rel leaned forward and pointed at Qurunad.
  • Bridget knew she was dreaming, but she always looked forward to these dreams so much.
  • Rose leaned forward in her sleeping bag and gathered up the documents.
  • She hooked her foot behind his heel and they gently swung their feet, forward and back, leisurely like a southern Sunday afternoon.
  • Cassian leaned forward in his chair, as if he’d leap between them.
  • No way forward.
  • ”Another young man pushed forward.
  • A leg swung forward as the man entered the office, and the moment Raheem saw the fresh sneaker and the telltale prison pants, he swung his right arm in a low roundhouse, catching the inmate by surprise as his prison-made shank sank deeply into the man’s belly.
  • Apache supports processing 103 responses and will process any link headers in them to push resources, but it deliberately doesn’t forward 103 responses to the browser, because some browsers don’t support those responses and get confused.
  • Perhaps hesitant now that he’d sliced several bloody gashes in it, the giant imp drew back the arm and reached forward with the top pair.
  • “We all do,” a soldier crawled his way forward on his elbows on knees, seemingly too malnourished to get up.

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